Visa and Mastercard Resume Collaboration with Binance, Enabling Cryptocurrency Purchases and Account Funding

Visa and Mastercard Resume Collaboration with Binance, Enabling Cryptocurrency Purchases and Account Funding
Photo by Thriday / Unsplash

Visa and Mastercard have reinstated their collaboration with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, allowing users once again to use their cards for purchasing digital assets and funding their accounts. This marks a significant turnaround in the financial landscape for Binance, especially following the temporary disengagement by these payment giants due to regulatory scrutiny.

Reestablishing Financial Services

Binance has also regained access to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), enhancing its service capabilities across Europe. SEPA's integration is crucial as it facilitates smoother transactions within the eurozone, a region where Binance had previously lost its payment gateway. This loss occurred when Paysafe Payment Solutions, a key banking partner, discontinued its agreement with the platform.

The Phased Restoration of Services

According to a company spokesperson in a CoinDesk interview, Binance users can now refill their accounts and buy cryptocurrencies using Visa and Mastercard. The withdrawal services to these cards will also be available soon, enhancing the convenience for users. "After careful scrutiny of strict control measures and the processes we implemented, Mastercard has decided to allow purchases related to Binance in its network," added the spokesperson.

Visa has also resumed support for bank cards issued in conjunction with the platform, ensuring a broader acceptance and facilitation of transactions for Binance users.

Background of Disengagement

It is essential to recall that both Visa and Mastercard had distanced themselves from Binance amidst investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Visa had suspended the issuance of bank cards in July 2023, and Mastercard had rolled back its joint programs with the exchange in several regions. Furthermore, the Binance Card also ceased to function in Ukraine, showing the depth of the impact from the regulatory issues.

Implications for the Crypto Market

This resumption of services by Visa and Mastercard with Binance is a positive signal for the cryptocurrency market, suggesting a potential easing of regulatory pressures or a satisfactory resolution of compliance issues by Binance. It also reflects the robustness of Binance's internal control measures that have reassured these financial institutions to renew their collaboration.


The rekindling of relations between Binance and major payment providers like Visa and Mastercard is a pivotal development for the crypto exchange and its users. It not only enhances the functionality and accessibility of services but also reinstates a level of trust and stability in the platform's operations amidst a challenging regulatory environment. This development could potentially lead to increased adoption and integration of cryptocurrency transactions in the mainstream financial system.