Pump.fun Achieves Record-Breaking Revenue Amid High Demand for Meme Coins

Pump.fun Achieves Record-Breaking Revenue Amid High Demand for Meme Coins
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Historical Revenue Peak Reached on Pump.fun

On May 29, Pump.fun experienced a significant milestone by reaching its highest revenue in history. Over the past week, the average daily revenue exceeded $780,000, a testament to the platform's growing popularity. This impressive growth is primarily driven by the surging demand for meme coins.

Daily Revenue Soars to $1.47 Million

In the final days of May 2024, Pump.fun's daily revenue soared to an unprecedented $1.47 million, according to data from Dune Analytics. This remarkable achievement underscores the platform's ability to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in meme coins within the Solana network. The data reveals that on May 29, 2024, the platform hit this new revenue peak, with the average daily income over the past week standing at approximately $780,000. This figure represents a substantial increase compared to the revenue figures from April and earlier in May.

Total Revenue Since Launch

Since its launch in March 2024, Pump.fun has amassed a total revenue of $32.8 million from platform fees. This impressive sum highlights the platform's rapid growth and its significant role in the meme coin market.

Surge in Meme Coin Demand

The primary factor behind Pump.fun's revenue surge is the heightened demand for meme coins within the Solana network. In May 2024 alone, around 450,000 meme coins were launched, reflecting the market's enthusiasm for these digital assets. On June 4, 2024, the platform saw the creation of 3,858 new meme coins, bringing the total number of meme coins created on Pump.fun to 841,567 since mid-March, as reported by Dune Analytics.

Pump.fun: A Hub for Meme Coin Creation and Launch

Pump.fun has established itself as a premier marketplace and toolkit within the Solana network, facilitating the creation and launch of meme coins. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools have attracted a wide range of users, contributing to its rapid growth and success.


The impressive revenue figures and the continued high demand for meme coins highlight Pump.fun's significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. As the platform continues to grow, it is poised to remain a key player in the evolving landscape of digital assets.

About Pump.fun

Pump.fun is a leading platform within the Solana network, providing a marketplace and toolkit for the creation and launch of meme coins. Since its inception in March 2024, Pump.fun has rapidly grown, attracting a diverse user base and achieving significant milestones in revenue and user engagement.