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Paraguay Considers Harsher Penalties for Illegal Crypto Mining with Up to 10 Years Imprisonment and Equipment Confiscation

Paraguay's government has recently introduced a legislative bill aimed at tightening penalties for the theft of electricity, specifically targeting illegal cryptocurrency mining operations. This move seeks to protect the interests of the National Electricity Administration (ANDE) and could result in severe repercussions for those caught mining cryptocurrencies unlawfully. The bill,
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LayerZero Labs Concludes "Sibyl Report" Submission Period, Publishes List of Over 800,000 Potential Sybils, Offering 15% Airdrop to Rule-Admitting Users

In a significant development in the cryptocurrency sector, LayerZero Labs has officially closed the submission period for its "Sibyl Report" and has published a comprehensive list containing 803,093 potential sybils. This announcement marks a critical step in the company's ongoing campaign to ensure fair token distribution of their ZRO
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