Ukraine resumes export of ammonium nitrate.

Ukraine resumes export of ammonium nitrate.
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi / Unsplash

Despite the high price of nitrate on the domestic market and the decline in prices on the EU market, it is expected that in January the export of Ukrainian nitrate will resume.
So far, over the past three months, we have seen only exports of limestone nitrate and urea. Exports of nitrate took place until June 2022. In total, Ukraine exported only 12.4 thousand tons of nitrate in 2022.

Exports are expected to pick up in January, but the Ukrainian market remains a priority. The main and only exporter of nitrate in 2022 was and remains PJSC Rivneazot. Recently, the plant also resumed production of limestone nitrate, while due to a lack of electricity, the plant was forced to operate on imported ammonia.

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