How are turkeys affecting the U.S. economy?

How are turkeys affecting the U.S. economy?
Photo by Tyler Donaghy / Unsplash

Axios: U.S. consumers are concerned about turkeys "losing weight. The average weight of the Thanksgiving symbol raised in the U.S. has dropped by 2 pounds in 2022. The number of turkeys raised on U.S. farms is also declining, with 212 million expected in 2022 versus 216.5 in 2021.

This year is proving to be a tough test for farmers. At the end of September an outbreak of avian influenza on farms was reported. The last time there was such an outbreak was in 2015.

Why does this matter? It's all about food inflation. The supply in the poultry market is shrinking, and Americans are getting less meat for their money. Discontent grows, inflation takes root and spreads to other categories of goods. And this snowball will have to be dealt with by the Fed.

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