Gold price to stay at $2000 per troy ounce until autumn

Gold price to stay at $2000 per troy ounce until autumn
Photo by Jingming Pan / Unsplash

Gold price will remain at $2000 per troy ounce at least until autumn, RIA Novosti reported citing surveyed analysts.

The stability of the gold price is helped by high levels of inflation around the world.
"In particular, core inflation, which is in no hurry to decline to target levels, despite the efforts of the world's central banks, which reduces the real value of investors' savings," said Alexander Dzhioev, an analyst at Alfa Capital Management.
His colleague from Finam Financial Group Andrey Maslov believes that gold price will fluctuate within $1900 to $2100 per troy ounce due to that the major part of problems of financial sector in the U.S. and the EU have been solved.
To what extent the price of gold will change after the fall, according to Dzhioev, depends on the measures and results of the US Federal Reserve and the ECB's fight against inflation.