Tesla started trading merch for Dogecoin

Tesla started trading merch for Dogecoin
Photo by Trac Vu / Unsplash

Tesla started trading merch for Dogecoin
Holders of the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin will be able to pay for its Tesla accessories. Other altcoins are not accepted for payment by the carmaker.

A Dogecoin wallet will be required to purchase accessories from the Tesla store. Keep in mind that items purchased with tokens cannot be returned or exchanged. The cost of a belt buckle with the Tesla logo is 835 coins. A children's eletroquadricycle can be purchased for 12,020 Doge tokens. A whistle shaped like a Cybertruck electric pickup truck will cost 300 coins.

After Tesla began accepting DOGE for payment, the cryptocurrency rate increased to 0.21 USD (+10%). At the moment of preparing this article for 1 DOGE on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange they were giving 0.19 USD. Over the past two days, the value of the token increased by 16%.

Acceptance of DOGE as a means of payment was announced by Musk at the end of last year. The billionaire described Dogecoin as a more appropriate digital currency for payments than Bitcoin. The speed of transactions in the DOGE network is higher. At the same time, they are cheaper than Bitcoin transactions.

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