Musk took the top spot in green billionaire rankings

Musk took the top spot in green billionaire rankings
Photo by José M. Alarcón / Unsplash

Bloomberg placed I. Musk on the first line of the ranking of "green" billionaires. The fortune of the entrepreneur is $ 288 billion. According to estimates of journalists 86% of Musk's capital accounts for green business. It refers to the carmaker Tesla.

Since the beginning of the year, the billionaire's fortune increased by 70%, to 288 billion USD. Tesla provided the entrepreneur with 247,9 billion USD out of this amount. In addition to electric vehicles, it produces solar power cells and energy storage facilities.

Earlier Bloomberg and Forbes recognized Musk as the wealthiest man on the planet in recent history. Despite market volatility, the fortunes of green businessmen continue to increase. This is due to the international climate agenda.

The head of the world's largest supplier of traction batteries CATL C. Yuqun was also part of the rating of "green" billionaires. Yuqun and the founder of the BYD automobile concern W. Chuanfu. They have a capital of 95.2 and 48 billion USD. The combined wealth of "green" businessmen from the top 15 exceeds 500 billion USD.