Gunzilla Games Secures $30 Million in Funding for Blockchain-Powered AAA Gaming Innovation

Gunzilla Games Secures $30 Million in Funding for Blockchain-Powered AAA Gaming Innovation
Photo by Stem List / Unsplash

Gunzilla Games has announced a significant financial milestone with a total funding of $30 million. This funding includes a strategic token round of $10 million, spearheaded by CoinFund and Blizzard Fund Avalanche, highlighting the growing interest in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. Notable participants in this round also include Republic Capital, Morningstar Ventures, and previously undisclosed investors, demonstrating a broad base of support for Gunzilla Games' vision.

The company has partnered with Off The Grid to develop GUNZ, a blockchain-based digital economy platform. This platform is designed to grant AAA game developers and their players full ownership of in-game NFT items, which can be traded in an online marketplace. This initiative not only aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a new level of player engagement and ownership but also supports the development and post-release content of games through the revenues generated from these sales.

Gunzilla Games' CEO and co-founder, Vlad Korolov, emphasized the transformative potential of the Off The Grid launch and GUNZ platform, stating, "With the upcoming launch of Off The Grid and GUNZ, we are not just moving towards new horizons in AAA gaming but also setting a new standard in the blockchain space." This evolution is supported by invaluable financial backing, allowing the creation of AAA gaming experiences that exceed gamer expectations and enrich interaction within the gaming universe through the introduction of a community-driven, decentralized in-game economy.

In April 2023, the development team announced the launch of a test network for GUNZ, which operates as a subnet of Avalanche, showcasing the platform's operational capabilities within the blockchain framework.

Ava Labs' Senior Vice President, Lidia Chiu, added that Off The Grid fully integrates Web3 elements such as complex wallets and NFTs into its gameplay. This integration offers console gamers an experience with blockchain technology that may be seamless and unnoticed, further blurring the lines between traditional gaming and blockchain applications.

Off The Grid, set to feature a battle royale format with a strong narrative component, allows players to shape the story and gameplay. The game promises a 150-player battle royale mode and immersive story or PvE missions, offering a diverse gaming experience.

The game was first announced in May 2022, with a cinematic trailer released in February 2023. The first glimpses of the game appeared on the PS Store digital platform in August 2023, generating anticipation for its innovative approach to gaming and blockchain technology integration.