Florida Mansion Previously Owned by Tommy Hilfiger Listed for Sale for 646 BTC by Investor Grant Cardone

Florida Mansion Previously Owned by Tommy Hilfiger Listed for Sale for 646 BTC by Investor Grant Cardone
Photo by victor olamide ajibola / Unsplash

A notable luxury home in Florida, once owned by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, has hit the market with a modern twist on real estate transactions. The current owner, entrepreneur and investor Grant Cardone, has listed the property exclusively for sale in Bitcoin, with a price tag of 646 BTC, equivalent to approximately $45.8 million.

This mansion, situated in the affluent municipality of Golden Beach in Miami-Dade County, spans an impressive 954 square meters (10,275 square feet). The dimensions mentioned are not clear whether they cover only the living space or the entire property. The house boasts six bedrooms and includes amenities such as a swimming pool and a private beach, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle associated with its location and famous previous owner.

Grant Cardone, who is also the managing director of Cardone Capital, acquired the property back in 2021 for $28 million. Since then, he and his wife have made significant renovations, which likely contributed to the mansion's current high market price. The renovations and the exclusive cryptocurrency transaction terms set this property apart in the real estate market.

In a statement to Yahoo Finance, Cardone noted the property’s prestigious lineage and his decision to accept only Bitcoin as payment. However, he did not disclose the reasons behind opting for cryptocurrency over traditional currency. On his X (formerly Twitter) page, Cardone reiterated his payment condition, emphasizing his forward-thinking approach to real estate transactions.

Interestingly, despite his involvement in high-end real estate, Cardone has expressed a somewhat controversial view on real estate ownership for the average person. He has previously described buying property as a "trap" for ordinary people and criticized mortgage lending for tying individuals to one location for an extended period.

This listing comes at a time when various sectors are increasingly integrating cryptocurrency into their operations. It follows reports, such as a Texas meat producer adopting Bitcoin as its reserve asset, signaling a growing acceptance of digital currencies in diverse industries.