Twitter expands NFT functionality

Twitter expands NFT functionality
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

No sooner had social networks Facebook and Instagram announced their plans concerning the development of new features related to the creation and sale of non-mutually exchangeable tokens (NFT), than suddenly another no less popular social network Twitter announced the launch of a new feature for its users. Based on the official statement, it became known that Twitter, which already uses NFT, included the new feature in the list of available features. Users can now officially verify non-mutual tokens that are used for profile pictures. So, for example, if previously the user, copying this or that image could not verify the ownership without checking the Ethereum blockchain, now the official tokens will be highlighted with a hexagonal frame, instead of the traditional round one. But it should be emphasized that this feature will only be available to users who have purchased a paid subscription. It is worth noting that some critics were skeptical about this kind of innovation, believing that hackers will be able to bypass the protection, copy the image and mint someone else's NFT, and place it on their profile. In addition, the social network is based on the OpenSea platform, through which the NFT is checked, and if it has problems, the new feature will also have problems. Twitter has yet to comment officially on how it intends to protect its users from hackers. Product manager Esther Crawford only noted that their company is excited about discoveries that provide new opportunities for their users to communicate and learn.

"We see our future in cryptocurrency and want to meet the demands of our users," - said the man.

In this context, it should also be emphasized that back in November, the social network deployed an entire division that deals with the technology space.

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