"Solana Saga Named Worst Smartphone of 2023 by Tech Influencer MKBHD"

"Solana Saga Named Worst Smartphone of 2023 by Tech Influencer MKBHD"
Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev / Unsplash


  • Briefly introduce Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) and his influence on YouTube.
  • Mention the annual smartphone ranking he conducts.
  • State the key finding of this year's ranking: Solana Saga as the worst smartphone of 2023.

Section 1: Who is Marques Brownlee?

  • Detail Brownlee's background and rise to fame on YouTube.
  • Discuss his impact and credibility in the tech review industry.
  • Highlight his audience size and influence.

Section 2: The 2023 Smartphone Ranking

  • Provide an overview of the smartphones reviewed by Brownlee in 2023.
  • Include mentions of devices from Apple, Samsung, Asus, and others.
  • Highlight criteria used for ranking.

Section 3: The Saga of the Solana Saga

  • Introduce Solana Labs and their entry into the smartphone market.
  • Discuss the features and specifications of the Solana Saga.
  • Elaborate on the aspects that led to its poor ranking: performance issues, software problems, market positioning, etc.

Section 4: Why the Saga Failed

  • Deep dive into the specific reasons Brownlee cited for the Saga's poor performance.
  • Compare it with competitors and industry standards.
  • Include expert opinions or additional reviews corroborating Brownlee's assessment.

Section 5: Solana Labs' Response

  • Include any statements or responses from Solana Labs regarding the ranking.
  • Discuss any plans for improvement or reactions to the criticism.

Section 6: Industry Reactions

  • Gather opinions from other tech experts, influencers, or industry analysts.
  • Discuss the potential impact of this ranking on Solana Labs and the smartphone market.

Section 7: Consumer Perspective

  • Include reactions from consumers, especially those who purchased the Solana Saga.
  • Discuss the importance of influencer reviews in consumer decision-making.

Section 8: The Future of Solana Saga

  • Explore the potential future for the Solana Saga in light of this ranking.
  • Discuss possible strategies for Solana Labs to recover or reposition the product.


  • Summarize the key points of the story.
  • Reflect on the broader implications for the smartphone market and tech influencers.

Additional Elements

  • Infographics comparing Solana Saga with other smartphones.
  • Charts or tables highlighting the ranking criteria and results.
  • Quotes from the original review video by Brownlee.