Solana Mobile Set to Launch Second Generation Crypto Smartphone

Solana Mobile Set to Launch Second Generation Crypto Smartphone
Photo by PiggyBank / Unsplash


In a bold move to capitalize on the surprising success of its first crypto-ready smartphone, Solana Mobile is gearing up to launch a second model. The forthcoming phone, a successor to the original Saga, aims to offer an improved experience at a more accessible price, according to insiders close to the project.

Background on Saga's Success:

The initial foray of Solana Mobile into the smartphone market was met with skepticism. However, the Saga smartphone, priced at $1000 at launch, gradually gained traction, especially in the niche market of crypto traders and NFT enthusiasts. Despite initial sluggish sales and subsequent price reductions, the Saga carved out a unique space in the market by offering a specialized mobile platform for crypto trading and NFT collections.

The Rise of Saga's Popularity:

The turning point for Saga came unexpectedly. Crypto traders discovered that each phone included an allocation of BONK tokens, which, to their delight, exceeded the phone's cost. This revelation sparked a buying frenzy, rapidly depleting stocks and catapulting the Saga into a sought-after commodity. Today, a factory-sealed Saga device fetches bids as high as $3,200 on eBay, highlighting its newfound status as a collector's item.

New Phone - Enhanced Features and Lower Price:

Building on the momentum, Solana Mobile's upcoming smartphone promises to retain the core features that made Saga popular. These include an onboard crypto wallet, customized Android software, and a dedicated 'dApp store' for crypto applications. However, what sets this new model apart is its more affordable pricing and upgraded hardware, addressing some of the limitations of its predecessor.

Market Implications:

The introduction of this new device is poised to shake up the burgeoning market for crypto-enabled smartphones. It also offers a potential solution to the overheated secondary market for Saga phones, providing an alternative for consumers seeking advanced crypto features without the exorbitant cost.


In conclusion, Solana Mobile's second venture into the crypto smartphone arena signifies a maturing of this niche market segment. With improved hardware, lower pricing, and retaining key crypto functionalities, the new phone is not just a successor to Saga but a testament to the evolving intersection of cryptocurrency and mobile technology. As Solana Mobile prepares for its latest launch, the tech and crypto worlds eagerly anticipate how this new device will fare and what it means for the future of crypto-enabled mobile devices.