Canadian Supreme Court Approves Class Action Against Binance for Alleged Unauthorized Securities Sales

Canadian Supreme Court Approves Class Action Against Binance for Alleged Unauthorized Securities Sales
Photo by Andy Holmes / Unsplash

In a significant legal development, the Ontario Supreme Court has granted approval for a class action lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The suit, initiated by investors Christopher Lochan and Jeremy Leader along with others affected, alleges that Binance engaged in the sale of securities without the necessary licensing, breaching Canadian securities laws.

The plaintiffs accuse Binance of conducting unauthorized transactions that they argue should be classified as investment contracts and therefore subject to regulatory oversight. This lawsuit challenges the operations of Binance Holdings and its affiliated entities, arguing that their actions were illegal due to the lack of proper registration as dictated by the Securities Act.

The court's decision to move forward with the case underscores a broader implication for the cryptocurrency industry, marking these transactions as potential securities and/or derivatives sales. The ruling highlights that the promotion of these crypto assets might also be considered a form of distribution.

It is important to note that the court's approval merely initiates the legal proceedings; the timeframe for the lawsuit's resolution remains uncertain. This development follows Binance's March 2023 exit from the Canadian market amid tightening regulatory scrutiny. Despite the withdrawal, local regulators continue to investigate the company's past activities, with the inquiry still ongoing as of April 2024.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching effects on the cryptocurrency industry in Canada and potentially globally, as it addresses the complex interplay between emerging tech markets and traditional regulatory frameworks. The case also raises questions about the responsibilities of crypto exchanges under securities law, a subject of increasing relevance as digital assets gain prevalence in global finance.